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Victoria Erhardsson Golf Consultant & Concierge is owned and run by Victoria
Erhardsson herself. It’s a company with spirit and a huge aim to always improve, to get stronger and
better, together with partners of the highest quality, and with an open-minded way of thinking we will
always be ready to meet the customers’ expectations.

The company is built on years of experience from within the industry. Where comments from clients,
guests and partners are of the highest value and have made a huge difference for the whole concept
and are of course updated continously. Every bit is well planned to make a realistic structure to match
the reality and visions of our dreams to become true.

The close relationship to our destinations and customers are strong and important benefits that raise
the company’s quality level higher than many others.

The aim to give every single customer a feeling of being a VIP is of the highest priority.

A major rule for us is that it will never be a one in a thousand kind of business, but always stay as a
one of a very special kind, way of dealing with clients. The individual comes first, and communication is
the most important tool for a united success.

We want every single guest to become a repeater, a regular customer and a lifelong friend.
With that aim, we will always be able to stay open-minded and always work with tailor-made solutions,
so we can guarantee to deliver what is First Class Service just for you.

We are always striving to get better, and with that we are available to deliver great quality service, year
around, to all our customers.

We want everyone to feel welcome to join in, amateurs as well as professionals, young and old.
We want every single one of our customers, to feel proud of being a part of us

Welcome to the family, Victoria

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